Frozen Shoulder | Symptoms and Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder | Symptoms and Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder can be very painful and can cause immobility to the shoulder joint. The medical term for this is adhesive capsulitis. Inflammation and scarring of the capsule around the shoulder joint can cause freezing shoulder. This scarring is also known as adhesions.

Is Important to Get a Proper Proper Diagnosis of Frozen Shoulder

An injury to the shoulder and arthritis can have the frozen shoulder symptoms. Consulting your physician is the first step to getting the proper diagnosis. Problems will begin by manipulating the affected shoulder. If diagnosis is not sure, he will buy an X-ray. Then if the X-ray is not clear, an MRI may be achieved. This is usually done by injecting dye into the affected shoulder to see exactly where the problem is.

Common Signs and Also Symptoms

Intense soreness in the deltoid region.

Pain Might Radiate Down the Arm

Pain is actually worse along with shoulder motion (especially external rotation)

Pain is Better With Rest

Pain is worse at night and often disturbs sleep.

May Have Associated Pain in the Upper Back and Neck

Guarded shoulder movements.

Difficulty Reaching Behind the Actual Back

Reduced arm swing with walking.

Those Impacted Typically Hold the Arm Close Against the Body

Rounded shoulders and stooped posture.

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  • Muscle Spasms

    Trigger points within the upper trap muscle.

    During the very first treatment, getting her to come onto the table was difficult since I failed to have a step stool available at the time so I lifted her onto it. The first set of needles that went in the right shoulder had been inserted into the local factors and ashi points. Then I inserted needles into Zu San Li (ST-36), San Yin Jiao (SP-6), and Rang Gu (KID-2) for that qi and yin vacuity that was related to her Parkinson's. Next I used direct moxibustion on Qi Hai (CV-6) to help treat her fatigue using three cones.

    Also I manipulated the needles by hand using the reduction method to release the stagnated proteins the woman's right shoulder and using the supplementation method to address the metabolic vacuities. After thirty minutes of needle retention and manipulation, I took out the needles and employed pole moxibustion over her right shoulder. However, I used it in a way that was only taught to me by one my big influencing teachers. I took a paper towel, draped it over the right shoulder (the deltoid), and started tapping the lit end from the moxa pole onto the paper towel. This technique (which is not taught in TCM schools in the US) is much more powerful because the heat from the moxa penetrates deep to the cells. The last part of the treatment involved tui na (medical massage) onto the shoulder.

    Joint Pain,Gout

    This approach I used was the same approach I found in the other treatments that followed with a few adjustments such as needle-head moxa over the right shoulder. After her very first session had been above, Mrs. Patel felt like her vitality had returned back. We continued treatment four more times. After she left my office after our first session with her niece, I noticed that Mrs. Patel was no longer walking like a frail, ill woman. She was walking like a twenty year old.

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    Was Worried Thinking that the Next Time I'd See Her She Would be Back to Square One

    Nonetheless, when she came up for her second treatment, she was walking the same way as she did after her first session. She did feel some level of trepidation walking up and down a flight of stairs. Despite that, she was still walking smoothly. Following the last session together on August 21st, Mrs. Patel's may now lift her right arm to a one-hundred and twenty degree angle. That showed tremendous amount of improvement than when I saw her on her first session. Sadly, with the constraints of time, we couldn't see each other anymore since she had to go away for Birmingham the next day. Before Mrs. Patel left, I gave her the name of a great acupuncturist and a herbalist in London.

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