Ease Your Mind and body At Massage Envy - Largo

Ease Your Mind and body At Massage Envy - Largo

With branches all over the country, Massage Envy is one of America's most trusted names in massage therapy and well being, and the relief that comes from a Massage Envy therapist is now available in Largo as well. Conveniently located at 10609 Ulmerton Path, Largo, Florida 33771, Massage Coveted by from Largo is sure to be your one-stop shop for wellness, and the finest massage in Belleair.

The Benefits of a Massage

Massages have been used all over the world for thousands of years to relieve pain, loosen cramped muscles, and ease the stress of everyday life. With respect to the approach used, massages can also boost energy levels, rid the body of toxins, and prevent the onset of blemishes and wrinkles. Just what makes Massage Envy's services unique is the customized approach to wellness. Our therapists will always ask their clients what sort of massage they want, and what parts of their body they want attended to. In the event that clients want specialized outcomes of the massage, such as improved flexibility or assistance with migraine pain, our therapists would be glad to help with these concerns as well. Obviously, possessing visiting us frequently will help bring about these desired effects faster.

  • There are a number of different massage experiences that await you at Massage Envy for residents of the Indian Rocks Beach area.
  • Here are some of them, with short descriptions upon their desired effects and styles.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massages are arguably probably the most well-known and most widely used of the massage techniques. This technique follows the grain of the muscle, using long, gliding strokes in order to rub muscle fibers back into place. This returns blood flow to the heart, and improves oxygenation of the muscles throughout the body. Over time, this will lead to an improvement in overall circulation, and a reduction of the toxins present within the body. Flexibility and tensile strength of the muscle fibers will also increase with regular visits. Tension and stress will also be lowered considerably by this technique. To reduce stress on the skin, a lubricant, such as oil or lotion, is often used.

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  • Swedish massages are recommended for anyone who wants to ease the day-to-day pain of sore, cramped muscles and improve overall circulation.
  • For this reason, Swedish massage is often referred to as the beginner's massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is perfect for Largo residents with chronic localized pain in the muscles and joints. Sportsmen recovering from an injury, or perhaps clients with severe arthritis or even gout, may want to explore this method to be able to alleviate joint and also muscle pain.

Deep tissue massage is not the same as Swedish massage in that it uses strokes that go against the grain of the muscle. The strokes used tend to be more aggressive and exert better pressure on the affected areas, causing the muscle fibers to weave themselves back into place. This kind of massage approach goes beyond the " light " muscles, targeting the tendons and connective tissue located deep within the body to improve blood flow and enhance range of motion.
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  • Craniosacral Therapy

    This technique of massage focuses primarily on the head, neck, and deltoids of the client, and seeks in order to improve the flow of fluids throughout the skull. Clients with chronic migraines, back pain, and discomfort in the chin are very asked to look for this form of treatment. In this technique, the nerves through the skull are usually targeted, improving the firing of the synapses and also overall electrical conduction throughout the physique. This technique will also help realign the small bones in the jaw, face, and skull. This, in turn, relieves needless stress on muscle fibers, tendons, and connective tissue, reducing pain in the temporomandibular joint, or the joint connecting the jaw to the skull.


    Other massage techniques, such as sports massage, reflexology, and trigger point therapy can be purchased at Massage Jealousy in Largo, so come by today to learn more about these.

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