The first Western disease I had been ever familiar with as a little boy was arthritis. My beloved paternal grandmother, BerthaCooper, suffered from this pathology for many years. She had it extremely bad in her wrists and joints. I remember her asking me if Iwould go to the corner liquor shop on the corner of 101stStreet and Avalon Boulevard in Watts, Ca, and buy her some Bill Gay, a white pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory rubbing cream. She would caress Ben Gay on her wrists and joints as well as her muscles too.

  • As a little boy, I failed to understand disease.
  • I did not know how my grandmother developed arthritis.
  • All I knew is that she had it (and claimed it too).

However, when the Universe bestowed the Akashic Records of health knowledge after me in the late 1990s, I finally recognized exactly why Grandma Sis (Bertha) developed and suffered from arthritis. You see, my grandmother was originally in the South,Mississippi to be specific. The ideal meal was "soul food." My grandmother was an excellent make and I never tasted virtually any food back in my deaf, dumb, and blind days and years which tasted better than my paternal grandmother's food/cooking. However, even though this so-called food, soul food, tasted good, I now understand that taste is not the criterion or measuring stick for what is healthy or dietary.

Was Grandma's Good Tasting Spirit Food that Did Her in With Arthritis and Tendonitis

Yes, all that cornbread, collard and mustard greens, salt pork, candied yams, toast hen, lean meats, catfish, pork chops, rockCornish hen, neck bones, ham, white rice, etc. eventually did her (and the rest of my family members) in. Not to mention eating all that white, processed Webber's and Wonder bread, flap jacks (pancakes), syrup and biscuits, bacon, sausages, jelly cake, jelly sandwiches, saltine crackers, Vienna sausages, potted meat, Spam, hog's head cheese, liverwurst, and so on. And think about that warm cacao, espresso (laced with white sugar and dairy cream), butter milk, pet milk, Kool-Aid, and soda pop in which she drunk?

She didn't smoke cigarettes just like the woman's five sons, but she would rotate up her own smoke with Prince Albert brand tobacco and ZigZag paper. My childhood friends thought my grandmother smoked marijuana. It was a little awkward until they found out what it was she was really smoking.

Mentioned all of the above to let you all know that my grandmother's arthritis was due to what she had and drank on a daily basis through ignorance, tradition, as well as habit.

  • All that meat converted into uric acid in my grandmother's joints and ligaments.
  • The starches broke down into carbonic acid and also made its way into her joints.
  • And so did the lactic acid from the brake down of the dairy products she consumed.
  • The smoking also created an over acid problem in my grandmother as well.
  • She also had bouts with gout, which is nothing but osteoarthritis in the ankle area.

You , Arthritis is a Condition of Inflammation of the Joints

That's just about all it is. The Latin word "Arth" signifies "joints," as well as theEnglish suffix, "it is" means "inflammation." What exactly is inflammation? A burning! What causes this burning or inflammation? ACID!!! Plain and simple!

Grandma Sis Was Lucky, Eventually Dying from Degeneracy (that Doctors Call Natural Death)

However, her sons (and daughter-in-laws, nephews, nieces, as well as grandchildren) were not therefore lucky, passing away from your insidious cancer, including my father from lung cancer within 1994 and my mother from pancreatic cancer in.

My family could not, would not, and to this very day, still will not believe that what they put into their mouths cause their pathologies and eventually kills all of them. It was easy to write me off when I was a Muslim and member of the Nation of Islam in early 1990s, simply stating "that boy is mad at white folks and the world!" But today as a Naturist, what's their excuse? Only ignorance and also traditional paralysis! Soul food is a tradition, Djehuty! Yes, a tradition that leads to an early grave!

One of the Greatest Contributors of Arthritis is Collard and Mustard Greens

Sorry Black folks, Negroes, and soul food lovers! But this is true! Greens are laced with "oxalic" acid and this oxalic acid is greatly created when you prepare the greens. This is true! And for you rat feces-laced chocolate lovers out there, your precious chocolate also contains oxalic acid.

Now, I don't want a person thinking soul your meals are the cause of arthritis, because a lot of white folks, Mexicans/Latinos, andAsians also suffer from arthritis. Like soul meals, the particular StandardAmerican Diet will also result in arthritis. Arthritis is anAmerican disease!

  • You understand arthritis, you should understand tendonitis and gout.
  • They are acidic fluid buildup problems in the joints that cause inflammation (pain).

Most modern day suffers of arthritis (and tendonitis and gout)are fighting the symptoms of these inflammatory diseases with pharmaceutical grade drugs. Although The almighty instructed Bible believers to heal themselves with herbal remedies (Revelations 22:2,Ezekiel 47:12, and Pslams 104:14), in their odd obedience toGod, they go ahead and take enemy's pharmaceutical drugs that avoid the arthritis. Why and how? Because pharmaceutical grade drugs, though made from alkaloids, eventually break down straight into ACIDespecially ascetic acid, which eats your red bloodstream cells up) in the body, as well as acid generates inflammation, so how intelligent is it to take something to target the symptom that eventually lengthens and worsen the initial condition?

Mother Nature Has Provided Recovery for Arthritis and Other Inflammatory Conditions

In order to heal from osteoarthritis, all one needs to consume is certain herbs. Herbal treatments that are anti-inflammatory anyway are the best in order to recover from arthritis. These herbal treatments includeMeadowsweet, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Birch, White and BlackWillow Bark as well as Balm of Gilead.

However, Other Certain Herbs Work Synergistically With the Herbs Supra

Personally, no healing from arthritis can take place efficiently without the following herbs: Devil's Claw, BoswelliaFrankincense), Uva Ursi, Mullein leaves, Saffron, Cayenne pepper, Feverfew, and Guaiac wood.

  • Devil's Claw, Boswellia, Uva Ursi, and also Mullein will be the paramount arthritis herbal remedies.
  • They greatly counteract mucus, which is the resultant effect of acid, which in turn causes inflammation.
  • Organic sulfur, commonly called MSM Sulfur, is also great in healing arthritis.
  • So is Noni juice!

You can make your own therapeutic salve as well from a base butter or oil such as shea or perhaps cocoa butter, coconut, olive, or almond oil (or any other good oil) and add in a few drops (10-15 drops)of the following essential oils: Peppermint, Clove, Wintergreen,Eucalyptus, Birch, and/or Spearmint.

  • You can rub this salve directly on your own joints or other problems area.
  • It is very soothing and healing.

And of course, as an herbalist, I have formulated my own JointFormula that consists of every one of the herbs mentioned above that is a powerful little formulation that actually works wonders for me when my wrists start to hurt from excessive typing (typing up everything legal pleading).

Does Cherry Juice Cure Gout? It Worked For Me!

I've bartended many years and have been drinking after work many years. One morning I woke up with incredible pain in my right big toe. It was gout. Too much ...

  • Can not forget about magnet therapy as well for arthritis.
  • Magnets make a problem or injured area alkaline and also enhances circulation in order to the problem area in order that healing can begin.

My good friend as well as brother, Mark Lomax, a music performer, cured himself from severe bouts of gout, another acid condition. It's been a few years now because he had gout. Just what did he do? First, he detoxified his body on our Full Body Detox. Then, he or she did a daily regimen of our Electric Greens Mobile Food (pure alkalinity), Joints Formula and Black Cherry Juice Concentrate. You wouldn't recognize this brother if you knew him 3 years ago. He also lost over 70 lbs on these herbs. This man is a walking example of healing!

Should also mention the importance of pineapple enzymes calledBromelain for the healing of arthritis and other acid conditions. Bromelain or pineapple enzymes are anti-inflammatory in nature and effect and therefore provide healing for arthritis. They taste exactly like candy and are chewable and you can gnaw as much as you like, although 3-6 tablets after dinner really need to get the job done. You can find Bromelain at most excellent health food stores.

Soaking inflamed body parts in hot water and essential oils ofPeppermint and Eucalyptus is also good for arthritis.

But Most Importantly in Fighting Arthritis is Modified Diet

Cut out or cut down on meat and dairy products. These are two of the biggest culprits in causing arthritis. A vegetable cocktail consisting of celery, parsley, apple and/or carrot (for sweetness and base) 3-4 times weekly will greatly remove acid build up in the joint parts. By all means, stay away from all acidic liquids beer, soda pop, milk, orange juice, wine, espresso, and so on.).

Man, Life is So Wonderful When You Know How to Heal and Prevent Disease

The understanding of diseases is just as important. Sometimes I'm full of grief and sadness from my knowledge and knowing that people suffer from a lack of knowledge (and insanity too). Notice Ecclesiastes 1:18 and Hosea 4:6

However, the children of the future, including my son, Asim, and daughter, Layla, and other Conscious Minds offspring - Nadya,Najee, Elijah, Asar, Sunshine and the newest edition from Melia as well as Obea, and the others (out here on the West Coast inside LosAngeles) will all benefit from this profound familiarity with proper diet as well as from my personal suffering and grief, as well as their parents. I'm also quite sure that many children around the nation will also benefit from their parents' reading and applying this particular health information and knowledge that is openly distributed.

As much as I loved soul food and my relative's cooking back in my death (Negro) days, you couldn't put a gun to my head and compel me to eat a piece of chicken or pork today, and I mean that! I enjoy myself too much to harm my temple of Lord. My children are beautiful (and highly astute and precocious)because of what their parents ate just before and while conceiving them. It can be done too!
  • Make the change people!
  • Flavor is not the criterion for what is healthy.
  • Health content is!

Peace and Like, Readership!

This article was compliments of www.DHERBS.com and DjehutyMa'at-Ra, the People's Herbalist!

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