Do Wiccan love spells actually work?

Do Wiccan love spells actually work?

Many people out there believe that spells for love don’t work at all. But that isn’t always true. Sometimes, such spells work in unexpected ways. Today, we’ve got the story of someone who actually did the spell and it succeeded! This is the story of Laura Barcella.

Laura Barcella didn’t have an incredible love life. Soon after she moved to San Francisco, her love life almost disappeared. She stayed that way for three years before frustration made her decide to try out the spell.

When she was 32 years old, seeing all her friends coupled up and some even having children was very frustrating. She had a friend who’s mother-in-law was Wiccan and asked her to help her by a doing a love spell for her.

She never thought that it would really work; to her it was an act of desperation. She had tried to meet a guy on her own, using traditional ways, but never found the right person.

She admitted to having a few halfhearted relationships in those three years, but never found anyone who was solidly there for her.

But then she met Sally, her friend’s mother-in-law, who was very Wiccan. She talked about all the times that she had done love spells. In fact, she claimed that she herself had gotten her husband using a love spell! Sally talked about how she had done the spell, and Laura got interested.

She asked Sally to help her by doing a spell for her, and Sally agreed. Sally told her to make a long list of qualities she wanted in her partner. Sally also told her to write down all the things that might be hurting Laura’s love life.

Sally then told her to get a good-looking pair of men’s shoes that she might want her partner to wear for use in the spell.

Later, Sally went to Laura’s place and did the ritual. It took about one and a half hours. At this point, Laura felt really foolish, as it seemed that she had gotten herself involved in something silly. They burned pieces of paper on which Laura’s love blockages were written and flushed the ashes down the toilet.

Laura then took a bath with a special herb mix concocted by Sally for just that purpose. After using a special soap, Laura was told to wear something that she felt beautiful in. After bathing, they did some chanting and Sally guided Laura in meditation to help her rediscover her attractiveness.

Before going, Sally gave Laura a ‘Love Mojo’ sachet that she was to place under her pillow every night. Once more, Laura wondered how she had gotten involved in something that seemed to be so stupid, but she decided to go along for the sake of it.

Some weeks later, a friend asked whether Laura would like to be set up a date with an old acquaintance called Charlie. Laura was shocked, and she started reconsidering her position on the love spell. She checked Charlie out on Facebook, and then agreed to go on a date. She was really wondering whether she was about to meet the love of her life.

Charlie and Laurel met for dinner and talked to each other. She found out that he had a lot of the qualities that she had written out for the spell.

After having dinner, they both went over to Laurel’s house and talked some more and played some game. Things moved quickly for the new couple. They were always texting, and spent most nights together. Laurel started getting more appreciative of Charlie’s good traits. She especially liked the fact that Charlie sincerely wanted to hang out with her.

But Laurel was still anxious. She wondered whether the relationship was moving too fast. She realized that Charlie worked at a restaurant getting paid $10 per hour and had no idea what he wanted to do later on in his life. She also realized that he really wanted to show the world that he was in a relationship.

She also realized that she was already completely comfortable with him even though they hadn’t dated for very long. And eventually she found out that Charles had recently gotten out of a relationship with a woman that he loved a lot and had also considered his best friend.

But Laura had done a love spell. She wanted the world to conform to that. She wanted Charles to love her back. She didn’t understand where everything had gone wrong for her. And after another three months, Charlie broke up with her after telling her that his ex had filed divorce papers. Laura realized that it was all over when Charlie confessed that he might still have feelings for his ex.

Laurel admits to crying because she was feeling bad that the spell had not worked. She had been so sure that it would, but the love spell had not worked for her, at least not to perfection. She was also sad that after being briefly reminded about how good it felt to be in a relationship, she was back to single status.


What lesson can we learn from this? Different people will look at this in different way. Some will say that you should never trust in magic. Some will say that you should look for a verified spell caster to do it for you.

Does Dress Code Matters in Love making Celebrations?

Does Dress Code Matters in Love making Celebrations?

There are festivities that are normally held are they are geared towards something. Like in ancient times, there were performances that were normally held and people would attend enjoy the performances and at the end, they would learn the theme of the performances which they would end up applying in their lives. Back in the days in 17th century in London, the theatre at Covent Garden currently known as Royal Opera House was one of places where audiences could gather and enjoy the performances that were held. Majority of these performances had themes revolving around love.

Some of these performances are lately still being held but some do not clearly present the theme to the audiences. Some have turned to be cinemas while others have disappeared due to change of environment and other factors. Another festive where people dress funny is “Halloween” Though some are not aware of what Halloween is, this is a celebration that has been in existence since ancient times. Hallows means the Saints and this festive/celebration comes the night before the Saints in the Christian calendar. This time, families spent a lot especially on dressing and it is one of those perfect moments/times when your love can prove to you how he/she loves you.

The celebrations are marked with dressing codes which some do refer to as satanic. The decorations and dressing can leave you with nightmares. Also these celebrations are best marked when you join as family members, friends or even lovers. This is when you can enjoy those best moments and if you are keen enough you can get ideas on how you can please your lover if you happen to have one and if you have attended together. Whether Halloween will ever die or not, it is a question of time.

There are novels which have been written on how ancient people used to look for lovers. There are those who could use power, others wealth and others could even dictate but that love which comes natural is true love and which you will enjoy. This is well explained if you read “Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare. In this novel, there are two ladies Portia and Nerissa who were beautiful and everybody wanted to marry either of the two. This love story reflects the current situation where by you will see some guys who are stable(rich) will want to marry or have a love from a family which is stable as well.

This is some people are always on the run searching for real love spells which will guide or help them to find that ideal person/lover. This is not the only spell that you or someone else might be looking for, but there are other spells like protection spell, luck spells, money spells just to mention but a few. There are witchcrafts that also provide these services and at the same time, there are love casters who are providing similar services as well. There are different ways that people are using to spice up their love life, to protect their home, to get money and to have luck. Despite whichever problem you might have, you might get help by casting your specific spell to authentic love spells and solve your problems. These spells are currently being provided online and they are indeed powerful and they work fast. Many people have been able to benefit from these services in different way depending on the problems that have.

These love spells have been developed from the fruits of energy in combination with energy. They have helped many who had love problems and they have been able to have their love life back on track. You have a difficult problem in solving your issue; just purchase the spell that specifically relates to your problem. You will be given a guide on how you can go about to ensure you resolve your problem on time. Some of the problems people do encounter are disagreements, lack of commitment, anger and these are just few among the many factors that have interfered relationships. Never worry that these spell will have to affect you in one way or another. They have no side effects.

So such events like Halloween are not just being celebrated but when you decorate your house gives you idea that decorating a house can add that happiness that might be missing. But above all you should learn and get ideas about all these events .That is why white love magic spells have been created in form of services and wherever you are you can buy online and then you will be able to implement them and your problems are dealt with. The amazing results that those who have used these spells got, has enabled them to keep using them because their problems were solved. Alternatively, before you can go for the spell that you want, you can make inquiries or consultations first. The guarantee you can have when you purchase these spells is that your problems will be solved. One funny thing with these Halloween dressing is that it is believed when you wear your clothes inside out and then walk backwards on Halloween, you will see a witch at night. I don’t know how true this statement is because I think is all about believes.

If so, does it mean that some things are bad omens or they are the ones that have contributed to the challenges that we do encounter in our love life, protection, luck or even money? Do you have beliefs that if you do something that you may not achieve the other one? The truth is that these beliefs are there and many do believe in them. Why not try out ideas which will help you? Regardless of how big your problem might be, you will enjoy powerful, fast and permanent results. The assumptions, procrastination that you do have will be a forgotten thing because you will have ideas on how you can go about it. Despite the spell you may want to go for, you will have results.

Seven Simple Solutions for Healthy Skin this Winter

Seven Simple Solutions for Healthy Skin this Winter

As the autumnal season approaches, we’re all scrambling for ways to ensure our skin keeps that sun kissed summer glow. Winter is not only hard on your skin, it’s also hard on your body and spirit, but here are some simple solutions to keep your skin healthy through the harsh winter.

The beauty rule of thumb is to moisturize; doing this before bed will ensure that your skin can have a full night to restore and repair damage that has been done to your cells throughout the day. You’ll be surprised how smooth and rejuvenated your skin looks after only one night. Here’s a favorite night cream of mine that delivers results by morning:


It’s the best pore minimizer on the market. After you wake up from your lovely night of beauty sleep, you should walk to the kitchen, pour yourself a big glass of water, and start the day with hydration. Drinking water upon waking up jump starts your organs, and detoxifies them as well. Be sure to not only hydrate with lotion on the outside, but to keep your body working at top capacity on the inside. The next thing you want to do is enlist in the help of some multivitamins. Vitamin A, C, E, or a multivitamin will improve your skin by reducing wrinkles, roughness, and Vitamin E helps protect you against the sun’s UV rays.

Your morning beauty routine should also consist of applying a foundation that illuminates your skin. Make sure to buy something that is mineral based, as it feels lightweight, and will give your skin a natural finish. I personally find that the Bare Minerals is the best product on the market, and is the most reasonably priced.

The next habit you should all into is routinely exfoliating once a week. Your skin sometimes needs some extra help shedding skin to produce new cells. Be sure to gently exfoliate, and experiment to find one that is easy on your skin type. Secondly, you’ll need to wean yourself off of hot showers. Hot showers dry your skin out, and make it harder to hang on to essential oils that nourish your skin; always opt for the luke warm shower.

The last recommendation I have to keep your skin beautiful and healthy this winter is to sweat. Regular gym time will not only keep your waist line in check, but it will improve blood circulation, blood pressure, nourish your organs and body, and reduce the stress and depression you feel in the winter. Sweating opens your pores and pushes out toxins that can cause acne. So reward yourself with some personal “you time” at the gym this winter.

Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

Phone accessories aren’t just for fun anymore. Now phone accessories are also allowing you to get some pretty awesome benefits. Gone are the days of dangling antenna charms. If you want your phone to perform some function, there could be an accessory from budgetcase that.

The Baby Monitor

If you have a baby that you want to keep an eye on, did you know that you can use your smartphone? All you have to do is get the accessory and have wifi and you’ll instantly know when your baby is crying. This accessory means you can stop carrying around the baby monitor and your phone.

Binocular Accessory

If you use the binocular attachment, you will be able to see objects up to 8X. This binocular accessory allows you to get an up close shot that you might have missed otherwise.

Healthy Lifestyle Accessories

You can turn your cell phone into a scale. You can also make sure that you haven’t had too much alcohol to drive. Besides for that you can check your heart rate. You can combine all of this together to have a pretty amazing health monitor.

These accessories can make your already awesome phone even better.